Careers At BAE's Education Center

Calling on all dedicated Educators/Administrators to service our brand new center location. BAE’s Ed. is actively seeking experienced educators who have a passion for teachers and are ready to make a difference, with various management and teacher positions available, see below for details.


BAE’s Education invites all dedicated Infant, Preschool and/or School Age Teachers available! Do you have experience in managing creative classrooms that promote endless learning opportunities? If so, we want to hear from you! BAE’s Ed. is currently calling all passionate educators who are ready to utilize their skills to manifest safe and inclusive learning environments for our students. BAE’s Ed. is always seeking new talent, so whether you are exploring a new career path in teaching, and or working in another branch of education, BAE’s Ed. is a good place to start. Not only do we offer a competitive pay/benefits package, but we also provide our employees with annual professional development opportunities, permit application assistance, teacher certifications, career advancement opportunities and much more. Inquire today for more details.

Success Stories

Founder Briana A. Esquivel first began her work back in 2012 as a preschool teacher with little to no teaching or classroom experience. In less than a few days, Briana would quickly recognize that she found her passion amongst her students, and this is where she decided to take the next steps to ensure that “no child got left behind.” She then went on to complete her teaching practicum with Los Rios Community Colleges, obtaining her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. Shortly after, Briana obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development from California State University, Sacramento. With the help of her mentors, Briana also accomplished the relative teaching permits with the California Department of Teaching Credentialing. Additionally, alongside her dual-degree and certificated education while in school, Briana worked her way up through the service ladder and became very well-known for her research and experience within the industry. Specializing in special program launch and operations, Briana is excited to bring you BAE’s Ed. Through her experience, education, and research, Briana has established her own educational philosophy, BAE’s Education, where she maintains her brand and promises to put education first.

Why Work At BAE's Education Center?

Make an Impact

Teaching is often ranked as one of the most rewarding professions, with no greater sense of reward for a teacher than to see their students succeed.

Competitive Pay & Benefits

We offer competitive pay/benefits packages, including vision/dental and comprehensive retirement plans.

Professional Development

BAE’s Ed. offers a variety of annual professional development opportunities, from teacher certifications to career advancements.

Current Employment Opportunities