Brand & Promise


To create an educational program that is committed to providing a place where children are encouraged to be creative, innovative, and collaborative in a fun, safe and nurturing environment in which teachers maintain records of observation and documentation to enhance learning opportunities for children 6 weeks to 12 years of age.


BAE’s Education believes the key to quality care & education is to provide success-oriented holistic experiences for children by utilizing the whole child approach. This whole-child, philosophical approach considers not just your child’s classroom but also their engagements through connections, contributions and competencies. BAE’s Education understands that students' education and life outcomes are dependent on their access to safe and welcoming environments that invite open-ended learning opportunities. This is accomplished by viewing each child as an individual within his/her own unique developmental needs; physical, social, emotional, cognitive and creative.


Locally Owned & Operated

BAE’s Education Center is a non-profit/for profit multicultural state-funded preschool and privately-owned child development center in Sacramento, CA. BAE’s Ed. was initially founded back in 2020 by grad student Briana A. Esquivel of California State University, Sacramento during the brink of a educational shut down. 

Following the recent and very unfortunate COVID-19 epidemic, the world of education and school as we know it was completely shut down overnight. With little to no warning, schools globally were forced to suddenly close; children and students left without desks or cubbies, teachers without jobs, and millions of families left without care.

Educational research expert Briana A. Esquivel and colleagues recognized the negative impact education has taken on throughout our community, and through this, BAE’s Education was founded. The BAE’s Ed. team has dedicated themselves to formulating a childcare and educational facility that will remain open, year-round for all non-essential and essential workers. This personal and professional guarantee comforts families in need of a stable education system for their children where they can maintain everyday routines while mastering their physical and academic milestones along the way.

By putting education first, BAE’s Education is committed to maintaining their brand and promise by providing a safe and nurturing environment for our little ones to flourish. But that’s not all, BAE’s Education also services children in grades K-6 as well. BAE’s Ed. offers a full before/after school program, partnered with Sacramento City Unified School District, for your convenience. Please be on the lookout for more service districts soon. For more information on BAE’s Ed. programs, visit our Programs page.


BAE’s Education abbreviates Before Anything Else, Education and at BAE’s Education we put education first. Through this, BAE’s Ed. is committed to maintaining their brand and promise by putting your child’s educational needs first. We foster our students' love for learning, encourage them to try new and exciting things, by providing them with inviting environments to build on. Will ensure an inclusive learning experience that encourages children to think critically and explore their interests in a nurturing environment. BAE’s Ed. is committed to adopting a holistic approach to help children develop their social, physical, emotional, and intellectual abilities.